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Bruce Bassi

Dr. Bruce Bassi has joined D J Koehn Consulting Services as part of delivering comprehensive therapy services where the best of two worlds (psychiatry and psychology) come together to deliver outstanding treatment. Dr. Bassi, wants to personally thank you for visiting and considering him as your psychiatrist.

“I have treated thousands of individuals with various mental and medical illnesses, and have a wealth of experience in this field. I enjoy spending time to get to know my patients and seeing their mental health improve, which is why I went into the field. Doing tele-psychiatry allows me to deliver quality care, and allows you to enjoy the convenience of seeing a doctor wherever you please. Understandably, choosing a doctor is a very difficult choice! For this reason, I’ve given you more information about me to get to know me and my approach to medicine better. I consider my main strength to be that I listen to my patients concerns, and then educatethem so that we can develop a treatment plan together. We will identify your goals, and then work hard, together, to reach those goals.”

My treatment approach does not revolve around medications or therapy necessarily, but revolves around educating you about options. There are many treatment options in the field of psychiatry, and it can be difficult to predict the risks and benefits of each. I will help you understand what medication options might be a good fit for you, given their various side effect profiles. I will also introduce you to some non-medication options, such as psychotherapy, biofeedback, tDCS, TMS, VNS or ECT, which can be very effective. There are many different types of therapy, but basically the idea of therapy is to give you more insight into why you think certain thoughts, and then retraining your brain to think about these thoughts differently.

Currently, I am pursuing additional elective training in addiction psychiatry. After this year, I will have more expertise in treating individuals with addictions of: opiate use, marijuana use, alcohol use, stimulant use, and other behavioral addictions such as gambling.

• John Kuldau Research Award, University of Florida (6/2017)
• Resident of the Month, University of Florida (12/2015)
• Florida Psychiatric Society Alliance Resident Grant Recipient (2015)
• American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry Grant Recipient (2015)
• Barrett Award in Psychiatry Finalist, University of Michigan (2011)

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