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Based on the Covid 19 emergency, we are licensed and approved to provide tele-therapy to these additional States: South Dakota, Idaho, New Hampshire, Montana, Iowa, Vermont, Kentucky, Nevada, West Virginia, Alabama, and Alaska.  

Growing up, I watched several of my closest friends struggle with mental illness. Sometimes my sense of humor was enough to lighten their mood a little but it became clear they needed more help than what they were getting and more than I could provide at the time. I dedicated myself to becoming a psychiatrist as a teenager. 

Dr. Nikita Bodoukhin is a licensed psychiatrist in the State of Florida (ME 153947). He received his MD from Florida International University College of Medicine, where he was the recipient of the merit-based Wertheim full-tuition scholarship. He completed his residency at the University of Miami / Jackson Memorial Hospital Department of Psychiatry. There, he was able to hone his diagnostic skills and clinical acumen with emotional disorders, substance use, ADHD, and anxiety. As a physician, he also received training in conditions that can affect mental health such as sleep disorders, chronic pain, and immunological disorders. Dr. Nikita Bodoukhin obtained extensive experience treating those with HIV and HIV-associated neuropsychiatric conditions. 

Dr. Bodoukhin uses a whole-body approach to treatment. He emphasizes the need for the body and brain to heal together in order to heal maximally. As a result, Dr. Bodoukhin motivates people to work with their primary care provider and psychologist to target their mental health symptoms using a multi-faceted approach. He uses his knowledge of CBT and supportive psychotherapy to help people optimize the benefit of working with their psychologist.

He has experience with the gamut of psychiatric conditions, and has treated eating disorders, dementia, OCD, panic disorder, and PTSD. His interest is in treating people with unmanaged or undiagnosed comorbid non-psychiatric disorders such as high blood pressure, asthma, and/or diabetes

Out Patient and Tele-Therapy service available.

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